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Blog Your Aftermath,Inc. experience here

  1. StoptheFraud permalink

    Please lets stop them!!!

  2. Eileen permalink

    Just received a bill for $24,000 to clean up a carpet and recliner where my brother passed away in Ocala, FL. The house is only worth $50,000.00. TRAVESTY – Anger, grief, disgust

    • Have you thought to write to the Florida Attorney General, or at least get a news story brewing to educate as many people as possible? If you would like you can send me something as well, I am in the process of getting all related info sent to different parties in several states. You never know it might just help.

      Fl Attorney General consumer complaint form PDF$file/ConsumerComplaint.pdf

    • BFW permalink

      I feel your pain and anger. I was quoted a 5-8k price for a cleanup job and received a bill for over $40K.

    • how did you get recommended to the company? Not only should you write the attorney general but you should go back to the person who gave you their information and let them know how theyhave done you. In addition if you need some contact information for other places you gave have your voice heard let me know, I have plenty.

  3. Cyndi permalink

    I left because of inappropriate comments and treatment because of the way I looked. I worked in collections and assisted the legal dept. The temporary agency I worked for has the incident on file from 2008. I can tell you that I totally agree that they should be investigated.

  4. BFW permalink (Texas families sue suicide cleanup company) the story aired this past Tuesday

  5. marc permalink

    I cannot believe I found this. I wish more people knew about the truth with this company. I just cleaned up a suicide for $500 that Aftermath showed up earlier and quoted $15,000 to the guy and said they would take $1000 off their deductible – total insurance fraud!!! They take 4 guys to a job, Supervisor and it looks like a Movie Production with a cast of characters. I wish the Police would stop referring them!!!!

    • Tucker permalink

      Yes, just cleaned up a stab wound for under $200 that Aftermath quoted $11,000! After she gave me the quote I told them to get off the property… trying to take advantage of people in a moment of vulnerability, it’s disgusting.

  6. John Doe permalink

    All the companies listed below are all owned by After Math
    After Math, Inc—- Crime Scene Cleaners, Inc——- Chicago Crime Scene Clean-up, Inc——- Chicago Crime Scene Cleaners, Inc– Action Bio-Cars, Inc—– 1st Response Cleaners are all owned by After Math!!!!!

  7. S. R. permalink

    Thanks for the info john

  8. Kelly Craig permalink

    My father committed suicide two days ago. We were given the number for Aftermath by someone at the scene, could have been the police or the coroner. A truck showed up with two techs who came in and took pictures and measurements. They didn’t have a supervisor with them, so they called it into the office. And then we waited. They sat in front of the house for hours. I mean HOURS. Like 4 or 5. It was 8 pm the night of his death and they’re still sitting out there. Finally they said they couldn’t do anything until they had a supervisor so they would come back in four hours (that would be midnight) or they could come back the next day. We opted for the next day. At 11 the next morning they came back, took all new pictures and all new measurements. Eventually the supervisor gave us a bid. $9000 to cut out a chunk of carpet. $9000. He said that our insurance might cover all but the deductible of $1000 but if they didn’t, my mom would have to cover the rest. He said the insurance should cover it. When pressed, Tyson the supervisor, admitted that the insurance company hadn’t been contacted. We are talking about removing a 3′ section of carpet, pad and a 1′ chunk of subfloor. We sent them packing.

    We called (REDACTED). They were here in half and hour and took care of it on the spot and it cost $600. Total. They were fast, polite, and compassionate.

    Aftermath could not have been less professional, unethical, and morally corrupt. Who charges a family $9000 to clean up after a suicide? They are preying on people’s grief and taking advantage of their weakened state. They should be out out if business.

  9. company not for sale to aftermath permalink

    I would like everyone to know the aftermath has been purchased by Serent capital a california-based hedge fund this is a fact as per SEC filings please go to
    As most readers know already aftermath is the worst thing to ever happen to the biohazard industry of course Wall Street would find a way to get involved with this company the same people that brought us the economic crisis and mortgage meltdown are now involved in the extortion of grieving families and victims Serent capital has designated teams of attorneys to allow this overpriced billing extortion , price gouging to not only continue but to get worse. I have personally spoke to people at aftermath and Serent capital and have validated this information there billing practices are only getting worse by the day this being said from a person that reviews their bills for approximately 20 separate insurance companies. Americans beware aftermath was bad before but with 600 million dollars and Wall Street feeding bankers behind them we’ve only seen the beginning I pray for the victims and their families and that they don’t have to deal with being victimized again good luck out there and God bless you all

  10. tylerdurdenent84 permalink

    ABC Channel 7 Chicago News reporter Chuck Goudie is going to air a cover story on Aftermath, Inc very soon! I will be notified when it is going to air. I was interviewed for the story! Time to bring these criminals down!

  11. Nancy Searcy permalink

    was the lawsuit filed in dallas against the 3 aftermath employees ever settled??

    • tylerdurdenent84 permalink

      No, that class action suit is still pending and has grown.  There are several more families involved.  There is going to be a major fallout with this suit.  The attorney handling the case is working on contingency so you know he is certain they will win.  I know they will and this company will hopefully be shut down.

  12. D Thibeault permalink

    I just dealt with aftermath last week on the recommendation of a detective. They made me sign a paper saying everything was ok. I was still in shock now I find brain matter everywhere took pics. I have things missing that are not on the list of what they took out. I am taking my pics and reporting my missing items straight to a lawyer.

    • I would contact the cops and make a burglary report as well.

  13. Amber permalink

    To Tom’s comment above, I agree and confirm. I worked for 4 years in a big all across the united states very well known named buisness, which every franchise is independently owend, never was I certified in the water, fire, mold, and bio cleanup I performed. I was trained by someone that was trained by someone, who was trained by someone. All tho any job I was on was preformed to the best of my ability and higher standards than my boss/owner would have directed me to do or even agreed for me to do at times. With bio cleanup and sewer backups you are required to have certain sets of shots to prevent you from contracting anything that may be harmful to you. I had mentioned wanting these sets of shots numerous times and never received them. Actually at one point the co-owner when I asked to receive the sets of shots, questioned me back with ” shouldn’t that be the least of your worries” meaning the job we were on at the moment was to be done on time and not late. Also never do I believe that we were properly suited up on bio cleanups, we were to double glove ( thinner gloves than used in hospitals at times) and over lap our tyvac suit sleeves over the Double lard gloves and clear tape them together so skin wasn’t exposed. 4 years I did things like this for only 10.00 an hr. And un properly trained. ****** I encourage anyone and every one to ask to see cards of what certifications these people have before letting them preform services for you, and deeply Research any and all companies before deciding you sign those papers to preform services****

  14. Tucker permalink

    Just cleaned up a stab wound for under $200, that Aftermath quoted me for $11,000. After she gave me the quote I told them to get off the property…. taking advantage of people in their moment of vulnerability… shame on them

  15. Andre permalink

    i work for MedAssure n I know, AfterMath an Daniels are the worst. Ive seen needles sticking out my co-workers fingers, rushing them to the hospital, with the needle an the tag of where it came from, Citiwaste Bronx NY, if course they said its not theirs, who know what was on that needed….MedAssure is worst, there is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much Path an Chemo on the floor the maggots are having a field day, an more coming from NY, Maryland, Chicago, KY, DAILY i mean u cant see over a sea of boxes…….if I could upload pic here, i would, its smh Crazy

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