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About Us

Hello & Thank you for reading,

A little about us….

We are a nt profiting in any way with this blog. This is 100% free to read free to press and free to comment. We found a need for this site after seeing a documentary and then doing research on cleaning up crime scenes. What we found on Aftermath, Inc. was more gruesome than the scenes they clean.

And then after following the negative comments consumers were writing on many different consumer web based sites. Then we realized the posts and comments started disappearing or getting kicked off by Aftermath, Inc. PR team, we realized it was time to take action and not let the victims comments be lost forever. And that is why you know have that is here to stay. That is as long as WordPress is around and/or Aftermath is not able to pay them off  to get this site deleted.

Thank you for all your support!



A word to Aftermath, Inc….We take all measures to save the posts and content to this page daily, so that if there ever is a glitch or the site is taken down for any reason. The content will not be lost and a new site will be up and running in no time.

  1. M. Switzer permalink

    Thank you so much for taking the time to help protect innocent victims! I saw the report on WFAA tv in Dallas about the horrible things they were doing here. I hope when anyone googles Aftermath, your site will come up right on top. They manage to keep their ad in the top spot on google so they continue their scam on innocent people.

  2. Keep this up!!!

  3. I am going to take a guess that they have threatened to sue you if you do not take this blog site down, they have lawyers on their staff -if that tells you something about them. What other biohazard cleaning company has lawyers on their payroll ???

  4. Tamara Grossnickle permalink

    I cannot thank you enough for starting this page! One of my son’s best friends recently took his own life and Aftermath was suggested to the family. For one day in one room and a hallway they charged $44,000. This is a very low income family and we are desperately trying to raise money for the funeral costs. I am providing you with a link to this story which was printed in the Des Moines Register –|topnews|text|Frontpage

  5. Christine Tressel permalink

    Hello… looking for anyone in the Chicago area who has an Aftermath story to tell.

    • Speaking from experience of being employed by aftermath, they are nothing but criminals. Granted some of the supervisors and technicians are great people, the ones who run Aftermath, the handlers and cms, are out for nothing but peoples money. They dont take care of their employees. They make them work days without food or sleep. The people who own/run Aftermath are horrendous and the biggest liers i have EVER worked for.

  6. Christine permalink

    Are you a recent employee?


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