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Thank you to all!!

December 11, 2013

When this blog was first created the main objective was to ensure the content on all the consumer sites about Aftermath, Inc. would not be lost. As we discovered most of the horror stories about this company sudenly started disappearing. We took immediate action to save as much of the info on as many sites as we could before Aftermath, Inc. took them down for P.R. purposes.

We wished, but would have never thought this site would have had so much public attention, and that is has given some of the families hope something would be done by this viscous company.

I as many of you wish the worst for the people in this company that are making the irrational decisions to do what they do. I am a firm believer in Karma, and do not wish any ill-will on any of my fellow humans on this earth, but do believe the ones in Aftermath, Inc. who have ruined peoples lives will pay in some way throughout their lives. They know who they are and should be ashamed of themselves.

Happy thoughts…They will pay!!

We wish everyone a Happy Holiday!!


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  1. biaggio permalink

    Let it be known that not all the employees are okay with what aftermath is doing and has done. I worked for them for a few months. The money was very good but my god is the company unethical and unsafe. When I say unsafe there were numerous times were we would leave one 12 hour job. Sleep two hours and drive another two and work another job. One week I put in 100 hours. Easily the worst company I’ve ever worked for and that’s not an exaggeration. Crime scene in a poor area charge a little less but still in outrageous fashion. Same job in a well to do area charge more for the exact same work. I can go on and on and on. Terrible company from top to bottom with employees that feel a little stuck because the money is good and the economy is slow. I finally left because I couldn’t take it anymore.

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