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October 3, 2013

This was a comment from one of our readers. Just when you thought it couldn’t get worse!


I would like to start off by saying aftermath inc is one of if not the most scrupulous, deceitful, unethical companies in the United States. Their practices should be considered illegal and the government should step in to shut them down. Aftermath has ruined the lives of hundreds if not thousands of families left to deal with the death of a loved one. Aftermath has no compassion or sympathy for their customers the grieving family. Aftermath continually takes advantage when people are in their most vulnerable state. If you don’t believe me just look up their customer complaints on the web. There are endless stories of how aftermath over charged, put liens on property, lied to land jobs, committed insurance fraud the list goes on. Charges include supplies that are marked up 300% and a profit charge of 20%. In reality most of aftermaths invoices fall between $45,000-$70,000. I’ve personally seen jobs reach over the $100,000 mark. They continually perform work without the insurance companies approval but lie to the customer by stating the insurance claim has already been set. Aftermath won’t even contact the insurance company until the job is completed. Aftermath will then strong arm the insurance adjuster to pay the outrageous bill. If insurance doesn’t pay the bill then it falls back on the signer of the contract. Let’s get back to how aftermath charges. They show up at a job scene and inspect the situation. They will then ask the customer if he or she has homeowners insurance. If insurance is available then all gloves are off. Aftermath charges for every penny they can get. $285 an hour for one supervisor, $275 an hour for two techs each, $400 for each bio-box, $500 dispatch fee, $400 truck disinfection fee, 20-40% profit and overhead charge and there are more i can’t remember at this moment but there ARE several more. Their supply charges are ridiculous on their own. $12 for a pair of gloves,  $75 for each suit, chemicals ranging from $40-$60 an ounce, a hepa purifier cost $300-400 a day to run. They even have the nerve to charge an hourly vacuum usage charge. They also charge you to clean the tools used. What company does that? If a plumber came to your home to fix a broken toilet and then tried to charge you to clean the tools he used. What would you say. I sure would not  pay for him to clean HIS tools. Shouldn’t that fall under the company’s own overhead? So aftermath charges to clean the tools and truck by the hour even though you’re charged an overhead right off the bat. If that’s not greed. I worked in their office and in the field so I know first hand how business is run at aftermath. I constantly caught grief on jobs that weren’t collected even though the customers had 30 days. We were yelled at by the bosses because we only did $3 million one month and they expected $4 million. THAT’S ONE MONTH PROFIT!  The owners claim they care about the families and follow all osha guidelines. It a bunch of bologna. They are in it for one thing and that’s to get as much money out of people as they can. Aftermath is currently under investigation in Texas, Iowa, Ohio, Massachusetts and a few other states for unethical business practice. If you didn’t already know about their little appearance on inside edition. Look here
I am putting this information out as a warning. Aftermath is an evil corporation that needs to be shut down. They should have to pay back the tens of millions of dollars they overcharged and scammed to obtain. Please check with your insurance company before you sign any contracts. I guarantee your agent will tell you a few horror stories about Aftermath’s greedy way.  More to come…


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  1. Everything the person who wrote this post is telling the truth. If I did not work there myself I would think this person is a former employee who has an axe to grind with the company. I wish this post was exaggerated, but it is not.

    Here is another word of warning to the potential customers/victims of Aftermath. Before the cleaning crew arrives at your property, Aftermath goes to to get the property value of the home before they even get to the scene. Would a plumber or carpenter go to for your property value before they arrive at your home to provide a service? The value of the property should have nothing to do with the work Aftermath is supposed to perform.

    Anyone who used Aftermath’s services and were taken advantage of should report this company. Anyone who worked for the company and has a conscious should contact an Attorney General in any state that is investigating them.

    This company should not just be shut down. The owners and upper management should be put in prison for fraud against the customers and the insurance companies.

  2. Belinda permalink

    This company is most horrific company ever to walk on this earth. After my husband died tragically in our home (master bathroom), aftermath’s card was given to my neighbor (My 17 year old daughter and I were in shock, obviously) by the coroner’s office. aftermath (I will not even capitalize their name because they are worthless) came to the home where we were spending the night at 1:00 a.m. in the morning while I was still in major shock from the death of my husband of 25 years. They had me sign a HUGE document and told me not to “freak out” about the price of $33,000.00 to clean my bathroom, that they work it out with my insurance company and this was “normal” procedure. As it turns out, they had never even LOOKED at my bathroom before giving me the price to clean it! Also, stated within the many pages of the document was a statement saying that I would be held financially responsible for whatever my insurance company didn’t pay! They STOLE THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS WORTH OF CLOTHING from our walk-in closet – ALL OF OUR CLOTHES, purses, shoes – everything! They informed me that my insurance company would cover all of that and that there was some “biohazard” on the clothes – Really? There were shelves that nobody could even reach where I had stored purses – gone. Everything gone! As it turns out, my insurance policy does NOT cover items taken from the scene! This company wound up getting paid $15,000.00 by my insurance company to settle so they wouldn’t come after me plus my insurance company gave me $4,000 to COMPLETELY REDO my master bathroom. Why did aftermath charge even $15,000.00 to COMPLETELY DESTROY a bathroom and STEAL THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS WORTH OF CLOTHES, and it cost $4,000 to completely redo and REPLACE things that aftermath destroyed? These people are criminals. A local news station here in Columbus wants to do a story on these criminals and I am mulling that over, as well as a lawsuit. GET THE WORD OUT. DO NOT EVER LET THESE CRIMINALS NEAR YOUR HOME!

    • I am sorry to hear about your experience and I hope something can be done to repair the damage committed against you and your family.  I used to work for the company and know exactly how they work.  ABC 7 News in Chicago is doing a story on Aftermath.  A reporter from the network came to my home and interviewed me.  Would you like to have me contact the reporter from ABC Chicago for you.  

      Aftermath’s corporate office is in Aurora, Illinois so this is all going down in the own back yard.  There are 12 or 13 state’s Attorney Generals investigating them and a few major class action lawsuits.  If you want more information contact me.  Thank you and good luck.

  3. Let me start by saying I own my Crime Scene Cleaning company and most (not all) of the items this user listed that Aftermath charges ARE standard charges for any crime scene cleaning company, as per the KBB for the Cleaning and Restoration Industry as well as Exactimate (the pricing software used by all insurance companies for all restoration services – water, fire, bio, etc.). Some of the amounts listed are a bit high, but the items themselves are standard. Although some charges may seem unfair, realize what crime scene cleaning technicians have to deal with. Few people have the stomach to do what we do and so we’re well compensated for our service.

    HOWEVER, some of my worst and biggest jobs don’t even come close to being as high as these guys’ pricetags. I cannot fathom how they can pad their bills so extensively (I’ll be honest and say that I would love to be able to charge that much but I value my good night’s sleep way more).

    I had one client who was instructed by his insurance company to get a second quote before starting work – because the first bid was so outrageous. After inspecting the scene and giving my bid (about 20 minutes from start to finish), he was literally in shock. He thought I was going to take 2-3 hours to inspect the scene and then take another 4 hours to type up a bid. I was in shock that he would think that would be necessary! He then explained that was how Aftermath did it. He even showed me their bid. They wanted about 12k just to do the bio-remediation and then a supplemental bid would be given to do the trashout and odor remediation (you can probably guess this would have been an additional 15k, at least). There was no company logo, no company name, no phone number and no address on the invoice. This is because, as I’m sure you know, Aftermath is red-flagged by most, if not all, major insurance companies and they will (and have) immediately refuse service from these guys – hence the second opinion. (Just to give you a bit of closure on this, my TOTAL bid was less than half of their primary bid and that covered all details of the job from start to finish.)

    There are, perhaps surprisingly, many crime scene cleaning companies out there. Unfortunately, many people see this as a very lucrative business and think they can charge whatever they want to do this type of work. There are still quite a few good companies as well. It’s just that the bad ones give the whole industry a bad name.

    I don’t trash-talk our competition simply out of professional courtesy, but these guys are the exception. Their lack of sympathy and compassion alone is reason enough for me to spite them, but to rip off their customers and then slap them with a lien on top of it – and on the worst day of their life, no less – I cannot say enough bad things about this entirely reprehensible company.

    Although there is more and more regulation on this industry coming, as similarly expressed by another user, I cannot believe there is no government intervention to shut these guys down.

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