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***WARNING***** Aftermath Inc. now using alias Aftermath Services LLC.

October 3, 2013

BEWARE! Aftermath Inc. has realized that slowly but surely all of our readers are bringing awareness to their fraudulent practices.

They are now advertising as Aftermath Services LLC. but have the same shady business practices. We continue to bring awareness to individuals to stay away from this cleanup company. We are also trying to bring awareness to every local and state police department who continues to refer (you know who you are, and SHAME on you! ) this despicable company. Feel free to share this web site with your local police department!




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  1. The Inside Edition piece was great. Tim Reifsteck is such a LIAR. I know a person who knows him very well. Before I started working there she told me what a wonderful person he is. She also told me to be careful with my sense of humor because he is a VERY devout Christian.

    Reifsteck should be ashamed of himself conducting business like he does and profess his Christianity. Reifsteck gives Christianity a bad name. The Inside Edition piece is great and here is the court document filed by the law firm of Ted Lyon and Associates from the Inside Edition story:

    Here is a news report on the FOX affiliate network news in Dallas:

    Here are a few great news stories to read. There are just so many!!!

  2. Aftermath, Inc. or aka Aftermath Services, LLC is a corrupt company. They have an elaborate system in place to commit acts of fraud. This company should not be just shut down. The owners, upper management, managers, and several field supervisors should be in jail. I know there are unethical people and companies in the world, but Aftermath takes unethical behavior and lack of conscious to a level I never thought would exist. If you know a person who suffers a tragic loss and you see the Aftermath crew drive u to the house, warn the family not to let them in their house.

  3. Jenna permalink

    I’m so glad I found this blog, because I was about to apply for a Field Technician job at Aftermath. I figured something was a little shady about a company that a) makes employees wait 180 days for health benefits b) has two rates of pay: $18-22/hr while your working at a site and $10/hr when you’re driving to the site. Hmmm….totally shady to me. Thanks for informing the public about this super-sketchy company.

    • biaggio permalink

      They 100% pay that wage but as i stated in my other post they are heinously unethical, work their employees like dogs and take advantage of anything and everything. I’m honestly shocked they are still in business.

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