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Aftermath Inc. Caught on Camera with staged crime scene..Owner still pleads they are a good company..LIAR!!!

June 10, 2013

I would like to think this blog and all who are taking steps to shut this company down are making a difference. Beware they are changing their name.



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  1. lucifer permalink

    The former employee in the video is absolutely correct. I used to work for Aftermath and the training supervisor told us to use one ounce of certain chemicals, then fill the remainder of a ONE GALLON pump sprayer with water to dilute. A room that size we would use 8-12 ounces each of the different chemicals (applied through use of pump sprayer) AT MOST. I would then account for 8-12 ounces each of these chemicals on a supply use log and submit this log to the corporate office. They would tell me the minimum charge is ONE QUART (32 ounces) for each applicable chemical, even though we used much less than 32 ounces. They would make me change the log to reflect the 32 ounces for each applicable chemical, and the chemicals are just the tip of the iceberg.

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