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Thank you and sorry!

May 17, 2012

I just want to thank all of you who have made an effort to post your experiences on this site about the business ethics of Aftermath, Inc. And I also wanted to say sorry for what they have done to you and many others. Please feel free to post your experience here with us.

Just like the old saying goes. “You can out run the police cars, but you cannot out run the radios.”  With that said, Aftermath might be able to stay under the radar, but once the internet voice is heard they can be stopped or at least slowed down.


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  1. Paul Smith permalink

    i worked for these crooks as a tech and then a supervisor. we were always told by the bosses not to let the customers call the insurance company. we were make to tell the customer we were setting the insurance claim and not to worry about anything. if the customer asked if the insurance company would pay we were told to be very vague and tell the customer we already informed the insurance company we were working and there were no problems. the people in the office didn’t file the claims until the blood was cleaned or we were done with the job. we were constantly told every job should be at least 24 man hours or 8 actual hours even if the job was blood from a small cut or an overdose that was only vomit. We were made to remove all carpet and furniture and wash all of the walls and ceilings even if there was a small amount of blood. we were pushed to take advantage of the grieving family. the police would refer aftermath and the family would call. without giving the family a chance to breath aftermath sends out a crew and crams a contract into the customers face. the contract was ridiculous. it was like 9 pages of legal jargon only a attorney would understand. the bosses at aftermath were banking on the fact the customer was to distraught to read the contract over and just sign. many people did just that not knowing they just signed a blank check written to aftermath. no estimates were ever given and the customer only had to go on the pricing which was 285 a hour for the supervisor. 275 a hour for two techs each. supplies and truck maintenence and transport fees. they even had the nerve to charge a 40 percent overhead and profit charge just to say you owe us thousands of dollars just because. the supplies were ridiculous on there own. 12 dollars for a pair of cheap gloves, 50 dollars each biosuit that they bought for 50 dollars a case, 200 dollars a day to run a useless hepa scrubbing machine, a gallon of kills paint cost 50 dollars a gallon when you can buy it at menards for 12 bucks. they made there own chemicals so they were not paying anywhere near what they charged. 75 dollars for a ounce of husky disinfectant. and when we only used a quarter ounce of disinfectant or a paint brush worth of paint or 10 suits for a 20 hour job they would adjust the supplies and add more than what was actually used. can anyone say fraud? they also charged 400 dollars each biobox that the blood and bio went into. the boxes cost 30 dollars to dispose. they eventually bought the waste disposal company medpro. but they still charged the same amount for disposal. they decided to not change the waste companys name so no one knew they owned it. They would give the customer a break if there was no insurance at 200 dollars an hour per tech. if they had a feeling the customer had insurance though they wouldnt offer the discounted rate because they didnt want the insurance company knowing about the adjusted rates. just evil. they hired a guy named george shenene or something. his last job was with ibm. he bought struggling businesses made them look profitable and sold them at a considerable profit. aftermath hired him to cut down spending like buy cheap supplies and equipments, hire new techs at a low pay rate. even though we used the cheaper supplies and chemicals they chose to increase the supply prices 100 percent. they give police departments and funeral homes kick backs for job referrals. they give away 10000 dollar k9 dogs and equipment to the police. think im exaggerating look on youtube. they always stress the family comes first we care about the family. thats a load of bull. i remember one job when the boss wont say his name told my supervisor he hopes the family chokes on there sons brains and dies of aids because the customer wanted to wait until the insurance was contacted. he then said if the family cleans the blood themselves aftermath would contact the health department and the family would be fined. sounds like they care so much. they are making millions a month but are so greedy. they flew us to the main office in illinois. the owners parked there lamborghinis and ferraris in the shop port. they each have 2 to 3 mansions paid for by the blood of the dead. but cut so many corners and can never give a customer a break. in my state of Massachusetts they had over 40 liens on houses because the insurance wouldnt pay for the cleaning and the family was stuck with the bill. I feel so sorry for the pain i probably caused to all the familys i helped aftermath rob. if anyone thinks im a disgruntled ex employee or a owner of a competing company im not. i just want the truth to come out and these guys to pay for the misery they put on the world. they will answer for there evil doings in the after life. If anyone needs more information or help with a lawsuit let me know through the comments and ill give you my contact information.

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