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Please help Share your review of aftermath inc crime scene cleaning company.

April 18, 2012

We know there more people like myself who have been taken advantage of from the savage company Aftermath inc.Please help Share your aftermath inc crime scene cleaning company.


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  1. Hello All,
    Ok, I’ve heard enough horror stories about Aftermathinc., and other like them. I am a medical research scientist and often encounter trauma in my line of work and work closely with fellow pathologist. After reading 100’s of ads of these clean up companies and their ‘abnormal’ practices, without any oversight by an outside agency, my partners and I, including paramedics and local fire department have decided to step in and open our own service company. Not to push our business on this site, but we have decided to donate the profits to families of Police officers and other first responders who have fallen in the line of duty. We are still in early phases of development but please consider referring Post-Investigation Forensic Cleanup Unit to those who may be in need in the future. We are monitored the FDA and City of Arlington, TX.
    Thank you,
    Dr. H.

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