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April 18, 2012

Aftermath Inc
Posted: 7th of Mar, 2011 by the other guy   Send email
Over charging
Aftermath Inc has ruined peoples lives with buisness tactics that they use to get people to use them for their cleaning up their loved ones when they pass. This company is involved in numerous law suits across the country, including their own employees suing them. I can\\t believe this company is still in operating. The owners of this company have made millions by preying on individuals across the country and yet they still have the nerve to say they are trying to help people by charging them 1000hr. Tim and Chris should be ashamed of themselves. Tim, you still drive the Lambo they you bought with these people money you say you are helping. Please!!! You guys are getting shut down in Ohio because of your business practices. The entire U.S. should shut you guys out.

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  1. Shane Reagan permalink

    We live in Abilene, Tx. Aftermath has just devastated our family as well, with an $18,000 cleanup bill. They told us also, that “don’t worry, your homeowner’s insurance will cover it”. Not only did it NOT cover the bill, but they also put a lein on the house!
    HOW IN THE HELL can people get by with doing this to families at the WORST POSSIBLE time in their life!?!?!?!? Who can we contact for help against these VERY CRUEL PEOPLE?

    • You can start off by going to the FTC website to file a complaint via internet form or mail. Also try calling the Attorney General of Texas.
      May I use your comment to add to the list of complaints on this page?
      Sorry about what they have done to you and your family. My thoughts are with you.

      • Shane Reagan permalink

        Yes, by all means share my comment. We need to get the word out to everyone, so that maybe we can help others avoid the same situation.

    • xoxo permalink

      A lawyer, they need to be sued again they changed there name to Aftermath Services LLC to hide there filty tracks. You should hear the way they talk to their employees they are just no good low down anmials that need to be put to sleep. Get a Lawyer ASAP

  2. Cyndi permalink

    I totally agree…I use to work for them. I know exactly what they are doing.

    • We appreciate your input, the public needs to know there is truth behind the things that are listed on this site that company does are true. The more people like you whom voice what Aftermath is all about the more awareness the public may have.
      And I assure you this site will never come down. Unless Aftermath can payoff WordPress to remove it, like many other complaint boards.

  3. Joe permalink

    Aftermath Inc changed the company’s name to Aftermath Services LLC,
    These are a bunch of low life owners; filled with Greed and Insurance Fruad.
    My son departed from this world a few months ago and I contacted Aftermath Inc, but according to the person that answered the phone it was Aftermath Services LLC. They came to my sons house and this cocky over bareing fool came out the truck and inside of the truck was two other people in which he told not to get out of the truck as if they were animals. They went inside my house and came out. After about 20 minutes this guy gives me and estimate of $29,867.00 for insurance and for self pay gave me a estimate for 9,200.00 WHO ON GOD’S GREEN EARTH HAS THAT KIND OF MONEY LAYING AROUND after a love one is no longer with us. I turned the company down. A few days later the company calls me and this guy Mitch gives me this complete BS about not being able to sell my home and they said they can come out again and do the job and go through insurance. I hung up the phone!!!!!! I went with another company and the women was real nice BIO-TECH, She was very nice. She explained everything to me and estimated the job at $4,326.13 After she broke everything down to me with the stuff she had to do I understood everything. She completed the job is 2 days her and another women and I even tipped them for there hardwork and for not trying to rob my insurance company or me.


  4. Magnificent. I agree.

  5. Paul smith permalink

    I would like to start off by saying aftermath inc is one of if not the most scrupulous, deceitful, unethical companies in the United States. Their practices should be considered illegal and the government should step in to shut them down. Aftermath has ruined the lives of hundreds if not thousands of families left to deal with the death of a loved one. Aftermath has no compassion or sympathy for their customers the grieving family. Aftermath continually takes advantage when people are in their most vulnerable state. If you don’t believe me just look up their customer complaints on the web. There are endless stories of how aftermath over charged, put liens on property, lied to land jobs, committed insurance fraud the list goes on. Charges include supplies that are marked up 300% and a profit charge of 20%. In reality most of aftermaths invoices fall between $45,000-$70,000. I’ve personally seen jobs reach over the $100,000 mark. They continually perform work without the insurance companies approval but lie to the customer by stating the insurance claim has already been set. Aftermath won’t even contact the insurance company until the job is completed. Aftermath will then strong arm the insurance adjuster to pay the outrageous bill. If insurance doesn’t pay the bill then it falls back on the signer of the contract. Let’s get back to how aftermath charges. They show up at a job scene and inspect the situation. They will then ask the customer if he or she has homeowners insurance. If insurance is available then all gloves are off. Aftermath charges for every penny they can get. $285 an hour for one supervisor, $275 an hour for two techs each, $400 for each bio-box, $500 dispatch fee, $400 truck disinfection fee, 20-40% profit and overhead charge and there are more i can’t remember at this moment but there ARE several more. Their supply charges are ridiculous on their own. $12 for a pair of gloves, $75 for each suit, chemicals ranging from $40-$60 an ounce, a hepa purifier cost $300-400 a day to run. They even have the nerve to charge an hourly vacuum usage charge. They also charge you to clean the tools used. What company does that? If a plumber came to your home to fix a broken toilet and then tried to charge you to clean the tools he used. What would you say. I sure would not pay for him to clean HIS tools. Shouldn’t that fall under the company’s own overhead? So aftermath charges to clean the tools and truck by the hour even though you’re charged an overhead right off the bat. If that’s not greed. I worked in their office and in the field so I know first hand how business is run at aftermath. I constantly caught grief on jobs that weren’t collected even though the customers had 30 days. We were yelled at by the bosses because we only did $3 million one month and they expected $4 million. THAT’S ONE MONTH PROFIT! The owners claim they care about the families and follow all osha guidelines. It a bunch of bologna. They are in it for one thing and that’s to get as much money out of people as they can. Aftermath is currently under investigation in Texas, Iowa, Ohio, Massachusetts and a few other states for unethical business practice. If you didn’t already know about their little appearance on inside edition. Look here
    I am putting this information out as a warning. Aftermath is an evil corporation that needs to be shut down. They should have to pay back the tens of millions of dollars they overcharged and scammed to obtain. Please check with your insurance company before you sign any contracts. I guarantee your agent will tell you a few horror stories about Aftermath’s greedy way. More to come…

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