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Aftermath, Inc Overcharging

September 15, 2011

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Over charging
Respected sir/madam,
Aftermath Inc has ruined peoples lives with buisness tactics that they use to get people to use them for their cleaning up their loved ones when they pass. This company is involved in numerous law suits across the country, including their own employees suing them. I can\\t believe this company is still in operating. The owners of this company have made millions by preying on individuals across the country and yet they still have the nerve to say they are trying to help people by charging them 1000hr. Tim and Chris should be ashamed of themselves. Tim, you still drive the Lambo they you bought with these people money you say you are helping. Please!!! You guys are getting shut down in Ohio because of your business practices. The entire U.S. should shut you guys out.
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  1. t wohlsdorf permalink

    i agree 100%- these people put me and my family through hell and drove a wedge of division between me and my remaining brothers in laws. they did a superficial cleanup after my brother’s unattended death and proceeded to over charge the living daylights out of us and then it went to lawyers and court threat tripling my grief over the loss of my brother . these people don’t give a damn about families at their weakest and most vulnerable point at a time of loss . i hope they go bankrupt and are never in business again. avoid them like the plague

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