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Aftermath, Inc. Not Discovered..

September 15, 2011

This was apparently a post made by a citizen whom loves Aftermath,inc. so much they decided to help to get them on the Discovery Channel Dirty Jobs tv show. To advertise the crime scene cleaning company on national television. Check out the comment left after the original post.

Origin found here..or read below.

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Posted12-15-10 07:59 PM12-15-10 08:59 PM
Dear Discovery,Mikes pleas for new Dirty Job ideas have weighed heavily on me. Many sleepless nights have left me with the inescapable resolve that I could not live with myself if I didn’t make this submission and Mike and the crew had to go on unemployment for the lack of one more Dirty Job to do. I could not live with that kind of guilt so here goes.

There is a company called Aftermath Inc, they can be seen at The folks at Aftermath provide a number of vital, if somewhat disturbing, services that most people would probably just as soon remain oblivious to. Aftermath will tend to a number of unforeseen dilemmas in your home including unattended death, suicide, homicide, and general blood cleanup. We see they are also expanding into the field of hoarding and filth clean up as well as tear gas mitigation.

I have no doubt that Mike has untapped talents that have just been waiting for an opportunity like Aftermath and hopefully Aftermath Inc has just been waiting for Mike. While I am not personally acquainted with Aftermath I can’t help but imagine that they may be at least worth a call.

Brad Winter
Fairfield, IL

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Posted12-16-10 10:54 PM12-16-10 11:54 PM Hide Post
That would be special! Highlight a company that victimizes families twice by requiring grieving family members sign a contract that is no more than a open checkbook. Charge ten times what everyone else charges and put grieving family members into foreclosure or bankruptcy when insurance refuses to pay the outrageous bills.You can do that when four out of a handful of employees are attorney’s and paralegal’s. The real story here is how the Ohio Attorney General slammed the company and how other states will be doing the same. Check out the lawsuits, complaints and the past employee’s suing their old company.

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