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Aftermath, Inc. Company Complaints and Reveiws the art of deception.

August 24, 2011

Please feel free to let everyone know your experiences with this very far from good crime scene cleaning company. As many of you may know the posts and feedback that have been written across the web are now deleted. Aftermath, Inc.  is now writing their own reviews and creating web pages to block and throw out posts like this. There is only one way to get the word out and keep it here online for people to view and post their experiences.

I wish there wasn’t anyone whom had a bad  experience with a company that is supposed to help families. But there is and will be for as long as this company is allowed to do business in your state. This experience with Aftermath, Inc. can possibly be even more devastating than the actual event.


Just a few pointers…

1. Do not sign any paperwork without getting more than one estimate. This is a business and they are not the only company.

2. Call your local health department and make sure they are allowed to do business in your state.

3. Never use them just because a public official says they are the best.  Remember this company charges excessive charges  and pays these officials very nice referral fees.

4. Don’t let them make you believe this is free and your homeowners insurance will take care of it. If they dont you will personally owe them whatever they feel like charging you.

5. Get a written proposal and not to exceed dollar limit before the clean is started. They are a professional company with so many cleans under their belt.  Shouldn’t they know how long, how much and what to charge by now?? ((Would you let your mechanic fix your car without saying whats wrong and the costs involved??)

6. The funeral homes, coroners, firemen and police in some areas are paid off as well. Beware of them as well..This goes with any crime scene cleaning company as well.

7. The contract you are signing is written by trained professional lawyers and can possibly in the end cost you thousands of dollars and your house. They are very good at putting liens on homes.

I know this is a hard time for you, but remember it is also a vulnerable time in your life. And unfortunately  their is horrible,  horrendous, heartless organisms in this world who don’t have an once of soul in their body.  And the people running Aftermath, Inc. are the prime example of this kind of organisms (cant call them people) that walk this earth.



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One Comment
  1. mike permalink

    You are awesome, this stuff you are writing is all true. I know because I worked there.

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